Take the reins - Intensive Session

Are you feeling stuck in your business? You love working with your clients but actually business is feeling overwhelming. 

So you don't want to wait months to see a change and don't want to invest ££££ in signing a coach for a long programme then you need my Intensive RESET. 

You need my no nonsense, no BS, lets get some results approach so we can turn things around in your business NOW!

Well focus on both your mindset ( internal s**t) and some strategies and habits to make lasting changes to your external behaviors. 

You are starting to feel the pinch, feel like you are spinning too many plates, and are starting to fall out of love with the business and life you have created as its not giving you the time and freedom you were so craving. 


You are working all the hours you can and seeing so many clients but still are barely making ends meet. 


You feel stuck, as you've set up a business and all was going well, until it wasn't. Now you are not sure what to do and where to go.


You feel overwhelmed, with a never ending to do list and feel like a bit of a rabbit in the headlights.


You've tried so many apps and planners and techniques but nothing seems to stick or last longer than a week or two. 


No matter how much you plan, you are always feeling the need to be busy and struggle to stop and relax. 


What You'll Get


Being honest I was skeptical as to how this was going to work, but I have to say it was fantastic. 

Sarah definitely knew how to coach you through the session, and gave great guidance which showed me I was in good hands.


Trust me you wont regret it. 


Alexandra - Digital Desk 

Investment Only £297


Lets get really clear....

A thorough and honest look at where you are now in business life and your future goals.

A deep dive into the root cause of the BS that’s holding you back in achieving them.  


Lets take action....

You will walk away with a clear plan for your business, a renewed sense of confidence and self belief  


Lets do all of this so you can...

Finally get the balance in your life an business that you are craving, and help you fall back in love with it.


Pre call email & questionnaire to mean your session can be focused on where it needs to be 


2 hour intensive Zoom call

- 50% mindset & energy with my herd of horses ( online) and 50% strategy and planning. 


2 weeks of follow up email support to troubleshoot any questions or queries