My Signature 1-1 Coaching Programme.

Are you feeling stuck in your business? You love working with your clients but actually business is feeling overwhelming.

You didn't get into your own business to be working all the hours you are, and actually its starting to feel like you've built a monster. You feel chained to it, and you are struggling to see your way forward. 


My methods are unique. They are no nonsense, no BS and my mindset and energy shifts are done (virtually) alongside my herd of equine therapy horses. 


You are working all the hours you can and seeing so many clients but still are barely making ends meet. 


You feel stuck, as you've set up a business and all was going well, until it wasn't. Now you are not sure what to do and where to go.


You feel overwhelmed in a market flooded by people in your industry and feel like a bit of a rabbit in the headlights.


You think that people will come to you because you have more qualifications but you are realizing this isn't the case.  


Your mindset and confidence in your abilities is taking a a battering, and you're sick of the fluffy quotes and people telling you to focus on the positive things. 


You know deep down you need some systems and strategy in place, to finally treat your business like a business. 


My Signature Programme


12 Weeks 

Do you want to take the deepest dive into the things that hold you back? If you’re unsure about sharing, opening up and learning in front of other people, my One-to-One Coaching Programme is for you. We will spend time together and get to the heart of your problems, then develop new ways of reacting to pressure, failure and success.


My One-to-One Coaching Programme will show you how simple changes to your way of thinking can transform your outlook, well also instill habits and behavioural changes ( aka strategy) enabling you to achieve the successes but in a balanced way and in line with your values.

Alongside my herd of horses for your mindset and energy shifts, well really dig deep on what is holding you back and why you are getting in your own way. We'll unpick all the limiting beliefs, problems, trauma and offer a space to heal, let go and move on.

My Equilibrium programme is designed to get you results though, and we mix mindset, energy and relaxation work with strategy so you can get really clear on your goals, ambitions, visions and the steps you need to take to get there.

After all, business is a simple balance of strategy and mindset and its only when you work on both in equilibrium that you'll see results.


We cram pack these12 weeks, so you go away with so much information but also true feeling and connection with who you are becoming.

  • Goal setting (monthly & quarterly)

  • Owning experience and expertise and identifying the value they provide

  • Ensuring branding  & business alignment

  • Persona and positioning work - really drilling down on who your ideal clients are

  • Assessing your business model and exploring its scalability

  • Developing a success mindset and releasing the old version of you

  • Instilling confidence in yourself and your business

  • Dealing with fear and internal criticism

  • Managing Imposter Syndrome and the comparison game

  • Giving you the tools to maintain motivation moving forward

  • Dealing with all of the internal shit which is getting in your way of success.

  • Teaching and supporting you in letting go of the limits and restrictions.

CAUTION: Just because my horses help with mindset and energy shifts does not mean you get a softly softly approach. They are as no BS, no nonsense as me. Fluffy ponies does not mean you get a fluffy approach.

What you'll get:

12 -  60 minute 1:1 calls. These are a mixture of mindset, energy work and strategy

Ongoing Voxer/ DM/Email support in between calls

Shared drive to review work & support whilst working together

This is high touch , supporting you, holding you accountable and helping you make huge shifts,  every step of the way. 

The investment in my signature programme  is £2200

Payment plans are available. 

If you pay in full, you get an extra Full Day VIP experience with me as a bonus worth £697

Get in touch to book your consultation.

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