Make it happen, so you can put two fingers up to all the people that said you couldn’t.

All those people that said you couldn’t, all those people that said when are you going to get a real job? all those people who said maybe you should focus on your qualifications or being a family or being a mother well wouldn’t it be nice to say to those people- look at me I did it.

I find that people fall into two categories, you either listen to those people and have to spend years rebuilding the damage that they have caused, as you make it worse on yourself and carry on repeating it, and finding evidence for it, until finally you give up, give in and go and get a real job as becoming the person you want to become, having the business you want the lifestyle you want is just to hard, its easier to go back and be safe.

Or you fall into the category (hands up who is with me on this; I am deffo in this category) where you turn round to those people and say f**king watch me. I am fuelled by people who say I cant do something, don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean that doubts cross my mind, and every now and again the thoughts which I have created because of what they have said do creep up and rear their ugly head, we are human, BUT I push through it and carry on.

Let me tell you when I first started my in person business 4 years ago, there were so many times people (mostly family) frowned upon the decisions I made, the choices I took and this new way of life which was risky. Let me tell you I built that business without support from anyone (other than coaches and myself, not even a partner). Yes they would stand and cheer on the side-lines when things would go really well, but as soon as things went wrong, they were the first to say maybe its time to go and get a ‘real’ job now or worse, people that were supporting you, as soon as things got rocky would run for the hills.

However, not anymore.

What’s changed?

I’ve stooped seeking their approval.

I’ve stopped telling them the ins and outs, I only tell them good stuff.

I’m so confident and assured of my abilities to make my businesses succeed that really anyone can say what they like and it wont stop me – I am unstoppable this yea ( my word for the year)

Use what they say to fuel you, use what they say to mean you can turn round and say just you f***ing watch me!!

If right now you are not really sure how you are going to make this goal of yours work, and you feel like everyone around you is saying give up, then pop me a message and lets discuss working together. Let me cheerlead you on, help you reprogram all of those shitty beliefs they instilled in you and help you see that anything is possible.

One of my biggest regrets in my business was not investing in a coach/mentor sooner and thinking I could work it out myself.