Why Work With Horses?

In a nutshell because they are incredibly honest and reflective teachers. For the impatient ones among you no longer have to read on if you are ‘too busy’.

There are two main reasons for me.

The logical reason/ evidence based/ nature based –

Horses are prey animals, they are instinctively wired to respond to threats, but only use energy when needed, meaning they operate on a lower wavelength and relaxation and stillness than we do. We can learn to calm ourselves down to integrate.

They are social beings, who form part of their herds demographic, each unique and individual. Meaning we can learn lessons from their interactions within the herd.

They learn when our emotions are regulated, they are excellent teachers of calming our emotions, and resilience and patience, as well as non-verbal body language and how we carry and move our body can impact so many things.

The spiritual/ sentient being / guidance based answer -

Working with a horse (especially ones kept as naturally as mine and with pasts like my herd) is the most honest reflection of yourself you will ever get. I’m not lying when I say me and my herd have uncovered shadows in closets which people thought they had buried very well for years, in about a 30 minute session. They only react and respond honestly.

They can sense your heart beat from 4 feet away, now imagine all the emotions, observations and feelings they can sense from you? What you need is someone ( like me) to basically translate their reactions, ask questions and offer guidance.

They are sensitive and spiritual beings. They ground you, connect you to you intuition and allow you to see the world from a different angle. Now imagine using that grounded, intuitive, calm space to be able to make life changes and business plan. ( hello retreats)

Keep your eyes peeled this week (definitely around the 11th) as I’m launching a super juicy competition to kickstart my 2021 retreats. If you can’t wait – message me now and ill give you the details and the opt in links.

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